How to Incorporate a Company in Hong Kong

Company incorporation in Hong Kong is not as simple as it might sound. There are a lot of issues and concerns that need to be taken into consideration first. For example, there are the application fees, the registration fees, the STICs or the stamp duty taxes, and even the office rental payments to be paid. The fact is that the company needs to be appropriately registered under the Companies Act to operate legally. Then it is the option of getting a business license from the Hong Kong government to allow the company to open an office.
Now it is time to consider how to incorporate a company in Hong Kong with ease and simplicity. There are many ways by which one can include a company in Hong Kong without any difficulty at all. How to incorporate a company in Hong Kong through formal means is quite difficult to understand. If you are interested in including a Hong Kong company, you can go through these procedures to avail yourself of the best options.
Formal company formation in Hong Kong can be done in two ways. Either the individual or the company can decide to do it through the court system by submitting a complete set of documents. However, getting a business license from the court is quite a complicated process, and you would have to sign in the schedule of appointments for the hearing. You would then be expected to attend the hearing and answer the judge’s questions about your company registration. If you don’t know how to appear, then you will have to pay some hefty fines.
Another company formation in Hong Kong option available is through the statutory corporation system. You may have to pay a nominal fee for this option. With this company formation option, all you must do is register your company’s name with the statutory corporation office. After doing so, all your documents will be checked by the statutory office before they become valid.
You can choose to use the ‘notice of incorporation’ procedure when you want to know how to incorporate a Hong Kong company. In this procedure, you have to file for an application with the Companies Registry. The Companies Registry will then carry out the necessary registrations for your company. In this procedure, you will have to register your company’s name along with the contact information. The system also requires that you submit the legal entity document and the rules and regulations regarding company registration.
Once you become aware of the procedures required to start a company, you can now investigate the options for how to incorporate a company in Hong Kong. One of the popular ways to do so is through the Limited Liability Company option. This company formation in Hong Kong allows you to limit your liability for the company. There is also the option of having a Public Company register. Both these options have their advantages, but the most crucial benefit of having a limited liability company registered with the Companies Registry is to protect your company from being dissolved.
When you want to know how to incorporate a company in Hong Kong, you must understand that the company name you have registered should be the company name commonly referred to as your business name’s abbreviated form. It should be short and easy to remember.
The next step in incorporating a company in Hong Kong will be to find a registered business office. If your company is not yet established and you do not have an office in Hong Kong, you should look for a registered office in the bank’s corporate departments that you intend to open the company. When you get a registered office, your company will have its mailing address. Furthermore, you can also establish an alternate contact address or fax number as well as an answering machine.

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