Piggy Backing Off Cash For Clunkers

Cash for caulkers is the name of the new program initially proposed by Former President Clinton and now backed by the Obama Administration. The goal is for it to piggy back off of the success of the “Cash for Clunkers” program which was directly responsible for the car sales frenzy over the past summer. The new stimulus plan is aimed at the home improvement industry with two main goals in mind:¬†Help stimulate the Private Sector, specifically home remodeling To entice homeowners to become more energy efficient. Cash For Cars Sydney

The search phrase “Cash for Caulkers” is already climbing the ranks as one of the more widely searched terms on search engines such as Google. This means the program is starting to gain nationwide publicity, exactly what President Obama and Former President Clinton would like to see.Companies that expect to be directly influenced by the program include home improvement companies that specialize in energy efficient products. Replacement window companies, energy audit companies, replacement door installer, heating and cooling systems, the list is quite large. This again, is the purpose of the stimulus package. To effect as wide a spectrum as possible in the private sector to help jump start the economy.

The previous tax credit program of $1,500 was nice, but only went so far. Home remodeling companies such as DreamHome Remodeling of Northern Virginia, expect more homeowners to jump on this incentive once they realize time is running out to take advantage. All products that qualify for the current tax credit will qualify the new Cash for Caulkers program. Among popular window brands, Gorell Windows [http://www.dhremodeling.com/gorell-windows] remains one manufacturer that produces energy efficient windows that continue to meet and exceed all government requirements. Instead of just 30%, or up to $1,500 cash back, homeowners can expect to see up to 50% back on their home remodeling projects.


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